We are dedicated to bring you the highest level of dentistry
that your pets deserve.
Our practice offers a wide range of dentistry procedures like:
• Dental cleaning with dental radiology.
• Routine and Surgical tooth extractions.
• Gingival Pocket Filling with Antibiotic Gel for Teeth with Deep Gingival Pockets.
• Gingivoplasty for dogs with Chronic Gingivitis and Hyperplastic, Infected Gingiva ( excessive gum over the teeth which tends to bleed).
• Root Planning for dogs and cats with periodontal diseases.
• Bonding/ Sealing procedure for dogs and cat with a range of different problems which leads to dentin exposure.
• Root canal therapy for pets with fracture teeth or teeth with other endodontic diseases.
• Crown for fractured teeth or after root canal therapy.

For more information about your pet’s dental need please
contact our office.