Let the people who take care of your furry friend year-round be the ones who take care of him while you’re out of town! We’ll love and care for your dog.

While it might be tempting to get a neighbor to walk and feed your pet, boarding is a much better option for a variety of reasons:

1. Safety: No chance of unsupervised Fido stumbling across hazardous or toxic materials here. Our facilities are guaranteed snooping pet proof. Plus, if your pet does become ill or injured for any reason, you can rest assured they will receive immediate, top-notch medical attention.

2. Socializing: Your dog likes friends too! While you’re out of town, your pet will likely be a little blue from the absence of your friendship. We’ll help get him through it by providing time to play with friends (dog and human alike!) and get a little exercise. Your dog will have daily outdoor playtime with other dogs and indoor cuddling sessions with our dog-loving staff. Less alone time can reduce the risk of anxiety, depression, and destructive behaviors that can manifest when you are out of town.

3. Grooming: It’s always nice to come home to a clean pup! If your pet stays with us for more than 3 nights, we’ll give him a bath and brush!

Got the “No Pets” Policy blues? Don’t worry! Traveling can be stressful, but finding a safe, fun place for your pet to stay doesn’t have to be! Our staff of highly trained animal lovers will strive to give your pet a little vacation of his own.

More than one pet? No problem! Your pets can definitely bunk together and keep each other company. They’ll be happy for familiar faces and you’ll be happy for the multi-pet discount!
We take cats! Dogs and cats of all breeds are welcome to board with us.

We do require that pets be vaccinated at least one week prior to boarding with us, for their safety and the safety of all the dogs staying with us. Check out our vaccination page to see how we can help you get your pet up to date.

Pet with special needs? We can handle it! Let us know when you make your reservation and we will do our best to meet your pet’s specific dietary or behavioral requirements.
Consider booking well in advance for long-weekends and holidays. We fill up fast!